“Traditional pizza with a twist” – Paul

“The pizza and calzones taste wonderful!” – rtanger

“Simply the best” – salemblack

“Try the large chicken with bacon pizza, simply delicious.” – Anderson

“Greek-owned restaurant with a huge assortment of pizzas, grinders, and even gyros. Toppings are generous, sizes are huge (medium here is large at chain stores). No need to sift through the large number of pizza joints, this is the place.” – The Burgundian

“The Greek-style pizza made at this dive shop is the definition of comfort food.  Thick, crispy, soft crust, thick cheese and marinara sauce make up a Bethel Pizza House pie.  The smell of this pizza permeating downtown Bethel activates my addictive personality and the next thing I know I’m downing several slice with the “Intervention” theme song playing in my head.”  – Alternative Control

Chicken Parm! Written by Jesse Schmitt – Read Article here